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Erhardt, Andrea tops

Erhardt Wolfaardt and Andrea Steyn have made it two from two in triathlon’s BSG/Energade Series in Potchefstroom.

But whereas Wolfaardt had a ÔÇ£comfortableÔÇØ win, Steyn was pushed right to the line.

Wolfaardt was always in control, emerging first from the water with Sander Berk and Abrahm Louw┬á ÔÇô three seconds ahead of Theo Blignaut and Wikus Webe.

He entered the second transition after 33min 16sec for the 20km cycle. Louw and Berk dropped seven seconds on Wolfaardt with only Michael Davidson and Wikus Weber clocking faster cycle legs (33:14 and 33:13 respectively).

Weber and Wolfaardt were together on the run but Weber did not have the legs to stay with Wolfaardt and dropped almost a minute on the Series defending champion over the 5km run. Berk and Louw came back on the run for second and third, with Louw also taking the first Junior placing.

In the women’s clash it was once again it was a battle up front between Steyn and Kate Roberts and only two seconds separated them on the finish line. Roberts was out the water alongside promising Western Cape youngster, Vicky Van der Merwe, covering the 750m swim in 9min 19 seconds, with Steyn 5sec back. On the bike it was a different story as Steyn pulled seven seconds back on Van Der Merwe and Roberts, opening a two second gap over the pair.

Steyn took 38min 53sec for the 20km cycle with Roberts and Van Der Merwe clocking exactly 39min. And that is how stayed, Roberts and Steyn clocking the identical time for the 5km run (17:41) with Van der Merwe dropping off the pace to cover the 5km in 19:19.

With only the second race in the series, the battle between Steyn and Roberts is expected to be a juicy one.

Van Der Merwe and Roberts race together in the BSG/Energade team, whilst Steyn is part of Nestle Pure Life/Bar One, as is Corinne Berg.

Although Berg has not raced in the series yet, when she does enter, the tactics adopted should be interesting indeed.

Will the Nestle Pure Life/Bar One team work together as the BSG/Energade team so evidently are doing? Berg is a very strong swimmer and may opt to try and open a huge lead in the swim. With the cycle leg being draft legal though, she will need quite a substantial lead if she wants to stay away from the chasers.

The series though ÔÇô aptly named a sprint series ÔÇô is short enough for her to get away with it if she has another race as she had at the South African Championships in March.

Berg was only caught on the run by Steyn. The thing is though, she will only be competing in one or two races this year which plays into the hands of Roberts and Van Der Merwe.

Name            Swim        Bike        Run           Total Time
Erhard Wolfaardt  08:06       33:16         15:41         00:57:03
Sander Berk         08:05       33:23         16:03         00:57:31
Abraham Louw     08:04       33:23         16:15         00:57:42

Andrea Steyn     09:24          38:53         17:41         01:05:58
Kate Roberts      09:19     39:00        17:41              01:06:00
V van der Merwe 09:19     39:00     19:19               01:07:39

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