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Van der Burgh’s passion

“I swim firstly for the passion and then the money!”

But having broken his world 50 and 100 metres breaststroke records at the Telkom SA Short Course Championships in Pietermaritzburg on Saturday, Cameron van der Burgh could well be smiling all the way to the bank yet again after the FINA/Arena Swimming World Cup series later this year.

Van der Burgh, who set world best times of 25.43 (50 metres breaststroke) and 56.39 (100 metres breaststroke) at the national short course showpiece event, was upbeat about his performances just 11 days after collecting the gold (50 metres breaststroke) and bronze (100 metres breaststroke) at the
FINA World Championships in Rome, Italy.

“When I swim in the FINA/Arena World Cup series I get US$ 10 000 every-time I break a world record, so I am actually making life difficult for myself by taking so much time off the world marks here in Pietermaritzburg, but it just proves that I swim for the passion and its not always about the money,”
said van der Burgh.

“It’s not like athletics. I can’t raise the bar a centimetre at each event. I can’t control speed according to fractions of a second. I just have to race as fast as possible.”

“I am in good form now having come to KwaZulu Natal straight after the FINA World Championships, and with the African leg of the FINA/Arena Swimming World Cup happening in Durban from October 16-17, I will have to see how my form is then. But the Kings Park Aquatics Centre in Durban is more conducive to fast times.”

“The swimming pool there has touch-pads on both ends of the pool. Here in Pietermaritzburg, there are touch pads only at one end, and I am slipping a bit on the wall when I do the turns at the other end which probably costs me around 0,2 secs in a race.”

Schoeman, whose effort of 20,30 in the 50 metres freestyle, allowed him to register his 10th world record of his swimming career on Saturday, added: ” Its great to swim here in front of a local crowd and to put on a show for the young ones. This was the 10th world record of my swim career and I am delighted with my time. Things didn’t go my way at the FINA World Championships in Rome and naturally I was disappointed, but I have to look forward so let’s see how things go when I swim in the FINA/Arena Swimming World Cup.”

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