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Super supple in Durban

The South African Gymnastics Federation (SAGF) stages the South African International Competition in Rhythmic, Aerobic and Acrobatic Gymnastics in July.

Durban is the venue for the event which starts on July 5 and goes through to July 9.

After the championship there’ll be a training camp from July 10-11.

Each discipline will compete in their own competition, culminating with a combined event on July 9 with teams consisting of gymnasts from each discipline.

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  1. Willem Wikkelspies

    October 1, 2009 at 3:10 pm

    When 12 year old kids travel long distances at great expenses to their parents , to finish level 5 after 21h00 at night (as was the case 30.09.2009) , the least they expect is a results sheet to see where they placed in South Africa .

    No such sheet was available , so one can only conclude the committe member at Matsports , tasked to have these scoresheets typed and available after the event , went home early or simply does not give a toss about healthy pursuits of our South African youth . The same incompetent did not even post these on the website .

    I hope you are proud of your non achievement .

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