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President’s Voice ÔÇô Gideon Sam

The meticulous sports planning that started immediately after the London Olympics in 2012 and was further consolidated in 2013, will now be put to further scrutiny.

At this year’s Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, Scotland we need to ensure that we show improvement on our Delhi performances from four years ago.

To do this we must be guided by information that we have gathered about other countries and what it is that makes them such good performers. This information has been gathered by our High Performance Commission and it will be valuable to pass it on to our head coaches in the various National Federations.

We will also be consolidating the support that the athletes and couches will receive. This will be in the form of money, medical support, training camps, to mention but a few.

It is up to the athletes and coaches to make use of what is on offer from SASCOC. Our resolve is to see to it that the athletes have no excuses for poor performances.

As  the saying goes at SASCOC; treat them like royalty and demand great performances. There will thus be little time to spend on board room infighting within our Federations.

We raised that at the last Council meeting of 2013 and we now want Federations to focus on the numerous tasks facing their athletes.

Already the wheels in the sporting cog are turning fast with soccer’s African Nations Championships being hosted by South Africa over the next few weeks. The triumphant Aussie cricket team will be here to face our top-ranked Test nation while there’s also the World Indoor Athletics Championships coming up in March.

I must make special mention of the retirement of our own Mr Cricket, Jacques Kallis. The man has been a legendary ambassador not only for South African cricket but for the entire global brand of cricket and I wish him well in all his post-pitch ventures.