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CEO’s Chair ÔÇô Tubby Reddy

One to remember and one to look forward to… that’s the latest update from Olympic House.

We recently got back from what can only be termed an extremely successful Olympic Games in London.

Six medals, three of them gold, represents Team South Africa’s best performance at an Olympic Games since we returned to the international sporting fold in Barcelona, back in 1992.

Hats off to all our medal winners, those who came very close to medalling and indeed to the entire team who truly gave their all. Thanks also to the officials under Project Manager Chef de Mission Patience Shikwambana and the administration team who saw to it that the team were able to perform.

And thank you also to the host nation Britain, who put on a truly memorable Games.

Now we have headed back to London for the Paralympic Games which start on 29 August and end on 9 September, slightly shorter than the Games.

South Africa and the Paralympics have always had an extremely happy relationship and we seem to perform superbly at these Games. In Beijing we ended sixth on the table with 30 medals and ideally we would want to equal or better that performance.

Having said that its going to be no easy task as the world of Paralympic sport gets tougher and tougher. I must take this opportunity to wish all our Paralympians well at these Games as they settle in under the leadership of Chef de Mission Pieter Badenhorst.

Since we got back from the Olympics we were able to fit in our Annual General Meeting here at Olympic House and the positive vibe was great to see. Our success at the Olympics has clearly rubbed off on the various National Federations and I have no doubt that they will be even more determined to produce a whole new generation of Olympic (and Paralympic) stars going forward.


PS ÔÇô I have been amused by the column from the ÔÇ£Sports JokerÔÇØ to ÔÇ£Wannabee-JournalistÔÇØ, and now ÔÇ£the Boxing AfficionadoÔÇØ!


Not even into Round 2.

This individual believes that he boxes against ÔÇ£a heavyweight administration that punches low, below its weightÔÇØ. Or does he mean he throws a low-blow punch?

I therefore pose the following for him to ponder, prior to punching out: ÔÇô is he sure that the information being supplied to him (which I must presume arises from disgruntled officials or individuals), is in fact correct, accurate and truthful?┬á His contention that he will withdraw any incorrect information published would be interesting.┬á As to the statement that he would gladly retract same ÔÇô let’s see if he is true to his word.


He makes mention of Investec and their support for the Women’s Hockey Team ÔÇô surely a man of his so-called Sporting Knowledge would be well aware of the provisions of the Olympic Charter with regard to national federations personal sponsors and how they relate to the country’s national team i.e. Team South Africa.┬á Is he suggesting that we have ÔÇ£Investec South AfricaÔÇØ, ÔÇ£Barclays Bank of Great BritainÔÇØ, ÔÇ£Morgan Stanley, United StatesÔÇØ and ÔÇ£Bank of China, ChinaÔÇØ?┬á┬á Surely not, he must be jesting!

The fact that all national federations were made aware of these provisions long before they engaged in sponsorship agreements, must have slipped his mind.  As did the fact that SASCOC has repeatedly on numerous occasions endeavoured to resolve the issues between the national sponsor and the federations, as we successfully did with SASOL and Banyana Banyana which must have also slipped his mind.

Believe it or not we are in agreement with something:  his example of Lance Armstrong is certainly not the right one in regard to sporting behaviour.


The so-called ÔÇ£self-preserving systemÔÇØ is also a neat little jab, but misplaced, and would suggest he takes the trouble to look at the Sport and Recreation Act together with the amendments thereto, as well as SASCOC’s Memorandum and Articles- which were in existence long before Team SA 2012.┬á Has he ever considered why it is only now that Power Boat South Africa or the disgruntled officials thereof, raise their hands in protest?


FACT:  Mr Marais is, as he mentions, appointed by the Board of SASCOC and endorsed by the entire membership to look into the affairs of Power Boat SA due to the fact that the membership of PSA complained about the executives not complying with corporate governance and their own Constitution. Where were the audited financial statements that the federation is obliged to give to their members on an annual basis?

Why have the now terminated executive members refused to allow  auditors Deloitte to conduct an investigative/forensic audit into their affairs, and  further refused to hand over to either the administrator or to the auditors the financial documents or banking records?

FACT: In fact he has not had sight of Cost Orders against Power Boat SA and the now terminated former executive members, nor has he had sight of the Court Orders against them in their personal capacity.  Surely a man of his stature would have perused the Court Orders?

FACT:  Why did the terminated previous executive members of Power  Boat SA sign a contract with a foreign promoter which required a substantial deposit to be paid upfront to stage an international event in the Republic,  without consulting with either the Department of Sport and/or SASCOC, in terms of the statutory requirements?  It seems it was good enough for the 2010 World Cup to comply, but not good enough for Power Boating.  Furthermore why was the membership not aware of this?  Surely those persons would implement the decisions of the membership?

Strange but true. Where are the funds of PSA?┬á Should they not be in an official bank account, or could there indeed be such a thing as┬á ÔÇ£Slush AccountÔÇØ or alternative accounts?┬á One would hope not, but┬á surely one must question where the deposit for the above event originated from, as it can only come from a national federation, whether it be to host a general assembly or any other event.

FACT:  The Sport of Power Boat SA is not suspended, and programmes in the various disciplines of Power Boating have, are, and will continue to be implemented for the benefit of the athletes, whilst the membership of the previous executive has been terminated by SASCOC in terms of their powers. Bearing in mind that these  are the same members who refuse to comply with the Administrator despite a court ruling for them to do so, and further object to the entire membership democratically electing a new executive to serve them.


FACT:  If  he was  in possession of the agreement relating to the F1 Nations Cup he would see the terms and conditions contained therein, and pose the same question:  Where did the deposit come from, and why a private promoter? Lots of punches!


FACT:  He again falls short in his analysis of both the Weightlifting and Equestrian cases.  A mere glance at the actual Court/ CAS Orders would clearly have cleared his dazed mind.


FACT:  His quoting of the salaries of myself as Chief Executive Officer, is quite astute- seeing that this is presumably derived from a public document in the audited financial statements approved and agreed upon by the membership.  Has he given any thought to comparing the salaries to those of other Federations and Section 21 Companies before gasping in amazement?  He would certainly stutter and stammer!


FACT:  He makes mention of duly elected officials in the Sport of Volleyball, and his contention of a Conflict of Interest.  I wonder if he has seen the Minutes of any Meeting of the Sport, or is even aware of any conflict of interest.  I certainly am not, and would not place the Sport or myself in any conflict situation, but obviously that does not warrant a mention by him.


FACT:┬á Maybe, before assuming the cost of air flights, you should check with SAA the cost of travel between different air lines, and even SASCOC’s Partner Agreement before surmising it is more expensive.┬á Has he checked seat availability or has he secretly arranged an agreement with SAA on our behalf that they will always have seats available for SASCOC.


FACT:┬á His assumption and protestation at the athletes in the Olympic Village and at the Closing Ceremony ÔÇô surely he is aware that all federations were required to leave the village after their event had concluded?┬á This information had been made available to all concerned, and no questions were ever raised – long before Team SA was constituted or announced.




Finally his contention relating to an investigation by the Public Protector – information that only he has knowledge of, and his further contention that our President is serving as a Trustee , is truly amazing investigative journalism!┬á He should consider looking at the definition of trustee and the duties of a trustee.┬á His final blow and┬á coup de grace ÔÇô an invitation in an open letter ÔÇô is a true ÔÇ£Haymaker PunchÔÇØ ÔÇô similar to┬á ÔÇ£stand up and let me hit you-┬á but please don’t hit me backÔÇØ

I really do enjoy your column.

Yours in Sport,
Tubby Reddy